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AB to AD - Introduction

There have been many questions from users of Allen Bradley PLCs concerning the use of AutomationDirect PLCs. Either they are just concerned about possible differences or have started using the AD equipment and are confused.

I went through the same process many years ago and will attempt to give some guidance. The AD products are good, just different. The manuals are available online. They are written by English speaking (or at least writing) techs. (I apologize for English chauvinism but it's all I can do. But, I have seen some horrible Japanese to English transliterations.) This discussion will center around the DL06 and its manual. Most of the other CPUs have similar capability. I will try not to duplicate the fine material written in its manual, just interpret in light of previous Allen Bradley familiarity.

This is intended as an introduction for those already familiar with the Allen Bradley SLC500 / MicroLogix family. This discussion will involve the following areas pointing out significant differences:

AutomationDirect has some great intro videos here

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