Controlling Your World One Contact At A Time

An interesting diversion. We have a diagram of three switches (with isolated NO/NC contacts), four lights and appropriate power rails. Using WIRE ONLY, hook up the components so that if any switch is pressed then light 'A' glows. Light 'B' only glows if switch '1' is pressed. Light 'C' glows only if switch 2 is pressed and light 'D' glows only if switch 3 is pressed. The lights will glow with FULL Voltage applied across them. Only one switch may be made at any time.

Light Test

From a quiz originally posted at (I think)

If really stumped try the 'Hint' the answer is provided but may make more sense in the 'Answer Visualization'

I've only had a couple of emails regarding this. I'd like to know if people 'gave up' or 'got the answer' or what.

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