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Image Lister From RSViewME Project

RSView is a tradmark of ROCKWELL AUTOMATION, INC

We have addressed a problem in our use of RSViewME development. For a very similar project we have been merely copying an old project to a new one then changing as necessary. These changes often involve replacing images on the screens with different ones not realizing that we also had to delete the old images. These old images remain in the project file, which wouldn't be disasterous, but are also copied to the PanelviewPlus even though they are no longer used. This can result in downloads too large for the PanlviewPlus

On looking into the listing of images in a project directory it is not obvious if a given image is in actual use in the project.

Fortunately RSViewME provides a method to export your displays to XML files. Here are the steps:

From RSViewME Project
   a. Right-click 'Displays'
   b. Import and Export
   c. Export grqaphic information from displays
   d. Select all (this is the default)
   e. Select folder (using Make New Folder if necessary)
   f. Finish

Then in the 'Lister' program
   a. Select input (XML) files from the files created above
   b. Select an output (TXT) filename (default 'output')
   c. Press Extract Images

These instructions are repeated in the 'info' selection in the listing program.
Here is the zipped setup file (revised 3/10/07) for this program

Right click and save the zipped folder to a local portion of your drive.
After unzipping and executing the setup you can then export your RSViewME displays and search for images.

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Copyright © 2005, 2006, 2007 Bernard Carlton