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Connecting an AutomationDirect CPU 15 pin Port to a Control Techniques Device

A few people have asked about this hookup. We use Modbus to connect from AutomationDirect DL06 and D2-260 CPUs to Control Techniques drives (Unidrive SP and Commander SK). Note that this control is from the PLC to drives in the same cabinet.

This web site is not associated with AutomationDirect or with Control Techniques. These pages document one method which has been used to control these drives. It is not presented as the best or safest way to control these drives. Read all the documentation and apply all applicable regulations.

These pages will show how we hook up to achieve speed control in a Commander SK drive. We will assume that you have an appropriate AD CPU, a Control Techniques drive and the DirectSoft programming package.

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  1. Looking At The Ports
  2. The communication wiring
  3. Drive command wiring
  4. Setting up the PLC port
  5. The communication rung
  6. A port setup alternative
  7. Multiple drives

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