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AD to CT Modbus Hookup Page 2

Now that you have all the parts, (you do have them all, don't you?) let's look at a typical hook-up.

This shows the hook-up to the adapter (the cable is coming in from the left). The colors refer to a cut open Ethernet cable. Pay special attention to the jumpers shown B1-B2, B4-B5, C1-C2 and C4-C5. The first two connect the RX and TX lines together The last two are the RTS-CTS loopback. Below the figure is the small DIP switch on the adapter. Make sure to set these. The shield hooks up at the adapter and at the drive(s) by way of the metal shield surrounding the connector.

Here is a note regarding the proper application of RS-485 over longer distances.

The next posting will show the control wiring of the drive. Stay tuned.

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