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AD to CT Modbus Hookup Page 3

Now lets look at the hook-up of the drive. We will only be covering the control hook-up we have actually used. We have used the "Pr" (Preset) mode in the drive. In the Commander SK this is set in parameter 5.

Here's a picture to show the resulting meaning of the pins.

The only actual hook-up we use from this diagram is the B2 through a dry contact controlled by the PLC to B4 and B5. This provides Enable and Run control. Remember we will only control the speed via the serial connection. As none of the preset selection pins are connected we will be using Preset 1.

You can actually use any setup which can use a Preset Speed for one of its reference selections. Then write to any one of the positions which can be selected. This just happens to be an easy one we have used.

The next posting will start on the setup in the PLC and the drive. Stay tuned.

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