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AD to CT Modbus Hookup Page 6

Now we look at alternative method for setting up the PLC's COM Port parameters.

First of all check out this application note for setting up the port in ladder logic.

That can be a little intimidating. So try this Excel spreadsheet as an aid. I actually have OpenOffice which opens it just fine. Note: It has macros to support the selection boxes.

As another option, here is an online form to fill out and see 'V7655' and 'V7656' register contents

Here's an example of its use:

Set the first stage before beginning communications. Let the setup then call the first actual communication stage. If the program is copied to a new CPU you won't have to do the additional step of setting up the Secondary Comm Port as shown on an earlier page.

The next posting will describe the layout of multi command systems. Stay tuned.

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