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Basic Electrical

Eaton/Cutler Hammer Select Country (USA) then 'Learning', (At left side) then '101 Basic Series' (At right of screen)
Siemens (Select 'Training' then 'Self Study Courses/Publications', then 'quickSTEP') 

Basic Electronics Courses

Study Material

Navy Electrical Training Online and available on CD
NEETS In PDF Download modules
Manuals Select 'Free Stuff' on left hand side (download PDF manuals)
Industrial Electrical & Maintenance
Industrial Automation and Mechatronics - The 'Notes' tab has a wealth of information

Learning Programmable Logic Controllers

An Excellent Book On PLCs
The Learning Pit Pointers to tutorials and an inexpensive simulator.
Your Personal PLC Tutor PLC Tutorial and Simulator

PLCProfessor on Youtube - a series of tutorial videos

AB PLC Programming (Restricted copy of RSLogix500 - fully functional for MicroLogix 1000 and 1100)

Notes on Emulation (Downloading and using the free RSLogix 500 Emulator)

DirectSoft 5 Demo (Applicable to all the AD PLCs but limited to 100 steps)
CLICK PLC from AutomationDirect/Koyo - Free Software!

New DoMore CPU Software

Host Engineering's Site (writer's of Directsoft)

PLC Trainer - PLC trainers, cables for many PLCs
Training at Ron Beaufort's Site

Three excellent sites - thanks Dustin:

PLCCompare - Comparing different PLC lines - a very compact source of information

FreePLCSoftware - Legitimately free software - any restrictions or limitations are noted

PLCHowTo - A Great/Quick into to the concept of PLCs

AND - Dustin's (and his dad's) PLC Store - featuring

The ACE PLC at

Talking with others about PLCs

Forum at PLCS Net

Specific PLC makers

Allen-Bradley - A limited forum unless you have a support contract

PLC Cable Suppliers - 3rd party suppliers - note two different sites even though similar names




Now some of my own contribution:

Interfacing AutomationDirect PLCs to Commander SK drive via Modbus
Handholding for the AB programmer moving to AutomationDirect 

RSViewME Image Lister

And As A Diversion   My Obsession With Sudoku

A wiring quiz

A Proposal to cell phone companies:

Armitron 40/8095 instructions - This will only be here until Armitron (please email webmaster) posts these instructions.

I am beginning a blog of my experiences (with a few side excursions) leading to PLC programming

1950's Radio Programs of 'Golden Age' Science Fiction short stories. A great diversion.

For ASUS Transformer owners frustrated with the power supply, the power supply ASUS should have made from Newegg. Also, for keyboard users get the Dual Battery Widgit to see what is actually going on.

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